MPEG LA Issues Statement Regarding CRISPR Patent Licensing

DENVER, CO, US – 25 July 2019 – In light of questions asked of MPEG LA regarding recent events that include the announcement by The Broad Institute and MilliporeSigma to offer their own CRISPR License (press release), the commencement of a new patent interference proceeding by the US Patent Office set in motion by a series of patent applications filed by The University of California [Interference No. 106,115], and MilliporeSigma’s petition to the US Patent Office to interject itself into that interference proceeding [go to the USPTO Portal and insert application number 15/188,911], MPEG LA today issued the following statement:

“MPEG LA believes that to maximize the benefits of CRISPR, the market needs a transparent patent pool option in which all stakeholders participate and the market’s confusion and uncertainty concerning the patent landscape can be addressed.  Interim steps on which that result may be built can be a positive.  Among all the parties involved in CRISPR patent licensing, MPEG LA is unique in its independence and neutrality.  We are not aligned with any particular stakeholder.  The appointment of an independent and neutral administrator is important to ensuring that a pool is pro-competitive.  With our trusted track record and our existing worldwide infrastructure, we stand ready to assist all stakeholders with formation of a CRISPR patent pool that addresses competitive market needs and realities.”