MPEG-4 Visual

Via LA's MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License provides access to essential patent rights for the MPEG-4 (Part 2) Visual patents standard used in media player and other personal computer software, mobile devices including telephones, DVD players and recorder accessories such as DivX®, game machines, personal media player devices, security and surveillance systems equipment, still and video cameras, subscription and pay-per view or title video mobile and internet services and other products. To align with the real-world flow of MPEG-4 Visual commerce, reasonable royalties are apportioned throughout the MPEG-4 Visual value chain. The License employs annual limitations to provide cost predictability, threshold levels below which certain royalties will not be charged in order to encourage early-stage adopters and minimize the impact on lower volume users or demo products, and licensing options that require no royalty reports.

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