- Program in Development -

CRISPR - a genome engineering technology derived from bacteria - holds ground-breaking potential for improving lives through new therapeutic, agricultural, environmental, industrial, and life science products. Yet marketplace uncertainties surrounding access to patented technologies threaten to curtail these advances.

Just as Via LA's pioneering pool license model helped assure the success of digital video in the consumer electronics industry with convenient one-stop access to relevant intellectual property, now CRISPR can benefit from Via LA's patent pool approach with an impact far more profound.

Via LA's CRISPR Cas-9 Joint Licensing Platform will give technology owners the opportunity to share in mass-market royalties from their CRISPR technology while enjoying, with other developers, broad access to other important CRISPR technologies. As a voluntary market-based business solution to the patent access problem tailored to balance, incentivize and resolve competing market and public interests, an independently managed patent pool is the best hope for unleashing CRISPR's full potential for the benefit of humanity.

Via LA calls upon CRISPR-Cas9 patent rights holders to be among the vanguard that will participate in this ground floor opportunity to create the Joint Licensing Platform. For terms and procedures governing patent submissions and eligibility, please go to Submit a Patent.

For further information on the technology and partnering/licensing opportunities, please contact