Decoder-Encoder Sublicenses

HEVC Products Sold to End Users by a Licensee with (a) ownership/control of the brand name or (b) if the HEVC Product bears no brand name, with discretion over decision to Sell

Volume (per unit / annual reset) Per Unit Fee
For the first 1 to 100,000 units No Royalty*
For units 100,001 and more $ 0.20 ea.
Maximum annual royalty payable by an Enterprise (Legal Entity and Affiliates): $25,000,000

* available to one Legal Entity in an affiliated group


  • Coverage is provided, and royalties are payable, for HEVC Products from May 1, 2013, forward.
  • Royalty paid for HEVC Product sublicense (referred to above) includes right to use encoders/decoders for HEVC content
  • Vendors of semiconductor chips or other products that contain an HEVC encoder and/or decoder may pay royalties on behalf of their customer who is a Licensee (and has responsibility for assuring payment) subject to that Licensee’s annual cap


The actual License agreement provides the only definitive and reliable statement of license terms.