Craig Electronics Enters Into MPEG-2 and ATSC Licenses with MPEG LA

(DENVER, CO, US – 3 March 2014) – MPEG LA announced today that Craig Electronics Inc. (“Craig Electronics”) has become a Licensee to MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License (“MPEG-2 License”) and ATSC Patent Portfolio License (“ATSC License”).

As a result of these agreements, companies that license their essential MPEG-2 and ATSC patents through MPEG LA have agreed to dismiss their patent infringement actions against Craig Electronics before the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Click here; and here for more information.

Patent infringement actions against Curtis International Ltd. (“Curtis”) were settled recently when Curtis became a Licensee to MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 License and ATSC License. See here for more information.

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