Via’s wireless standard essential patent licensing programs provide the wireless ecosystem a seamless pathway to the future by offering balanced, efficient licensing solutions for innovative patentholders and implementers around the world.

The increasingly diverse community of organizations participating in the wireless industry adds complexity to the patent licensing landscape. Via addresses this challenge with efficient, transparent, flexible wireless licensing solutions that cover a range of standards, from legacy 2G to current 5G, with capabilities that can extend to encompass the next generation of wireless innovations.

As the industry evolves from the early cellular communications standards into the ubiquity and power of the Internet of Things, wireless technologies will continue to transform every facet of our lives – the way we live, work, communicate, enjoy entertainment, and grow industries. This evolution is driven by an unprecedented rate of innovation. Access to the intellectual property rights generated by this accelerated development of interconnected, standards-based technologies require sophisticated licensing solutions. Via’s collaborative licensing programs promote and simplify technology adoption by creating monetization opportunities for innovators while reducing barriers to innovation and productization for manufacturers and implementers.