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Any entity that believes it has patents essential to the normative portions of the related 3GPP Series 36 specifications for Releases 8 through 14 is invited to contact Via Licensing to receive information about how to submit patents for essentiality review by the independent patent evaluator selected by Via. For the sample relevant portions of Releases 8 through 14, please see the Sample Schedule of Included LTE Specifications in the Standards Table.

A patent is essential if it contains at least one independent claim that is necessarily infringed by the practice of the LTE Standard.  Any entity with a patent that is found to be essential by the independent evaluator is expected to participate in the LTE Licensing Committee and the LTE patent licensing program.

Additional information about LTE is available at from the 3rd Generation Partnership Program Project (3GPP) at Copies of the specifications related to LTE (3GPP Series 36, Releases 8 through 14) can be obtained from the 3GPP at

Parties interested in discussing the opportunity to participate as a licensor in the LTE patent licensing program can contact Via at

For complete submission information, please e-mail, specifying an interest in submitting one or more patents for consideration of essentiality to the LTE Standard.