Open RAN Patent Pool Program

Alium, a joint patent pool venture between Via LA and Unified Patents, is supporting the development of Open RAN by providing a solution to the licensing uncertainty and risk posed by tens of thousands of patents owned by numerous patent owners.

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Alium offers a convenient one-stop license to patents essential to the 3GPP standardized lower physical layer functionalities performed by radio units applying the O-RAN Alliance's 7-2x baseband architecture split.

Alium's program includes several innovative features:

    • Uses AI-based landscapes to determine royalty allocation (see here)

    • Includes a Patent Quality program to build the integrity of the Open RAN ecosystem by discouraging the assertion of invalid patents

    • Requires no money from patent holders to participate

For more information about the Open RAN Patent Pool Program, download the presentation or watch the video.

Open RAN Patent Pool License Terms

The royalty rates per Radio Unit for a license through Alium's Open RAN Patent Pool Program are shown to the right.

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